VA Accord

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Virginia ACCORD (Assuring Compliance for Computing and Research Data) is a new cyberinstrument project being developed through a partnership between the University of Virginia and eleven Virginia universities and research centers. The goal of ACCORD is to address a pressing need in the research community by providing a secured, capable, and accessible cyberinstrument that allows diverse data with different protection requirements to be hosted on shared computing resource.

Project Personnel:

PI: Dr. Ron Hutchins, Vice President for Information Technology, University of Virginia [BIO]

Co-PI: Dr. Scott Midkiff, Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute [BIO]

Co-PI: Dr. Deborah Crawford, Vice President for Research, George Mason University [BIO]

Co-PI: Dr. Andrew Grimshaw, Professor of Computer Science, University of Virginia [BIO]

Co-PI: Dr. Masha Sosonkina, Professor of Modeling, Simulation, & Visualization Engineering, Old Dominion University [BIO]

Project Director: Dr. Tho Nguyen, Managing Director - CAP, University of Virginia [BIO]

Community Advisory Board:

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is tasked with reviewing and providing feedback when appropriate on instrument technical design decisions, project progress, and governance structure. The CAB also serves as liaison to broaden the community of supporter and collaborators beyond the Virginia partners.

Von Welch, Director, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, Indiana University

Inder Monga, Executive Director, Energy Science Network (ESNET)

Ruth Marinshaw, CTO-Research Computing, Stanford University

Tom Lehman, Director of Research, Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)

Richard Starr, Research Scientist for Protected Health Data, Georgia Tech

Partner institutions:

University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, James Madison University, Norfolk State University, University of Virginia at Wise, Mid-Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance, Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems, and Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing.